Why RoofTec for Building Owners and Facility Managers?

Manage risks and resources better with RoofTec

You can extend the life cycle of your roof, protect your building envelope and save energy with RoofTec Systems™ cleaning. Most roof cleaning services are highly ineffective, plus they expose your facility to risk.

Risks associated with traditional roof cleaning

  • Uncontrolled use of very high water pressures risks damaging the roof membrane.
  • High pH degreasers with solvents that are typically used can also damage roofing materials.
  • High volumes of water, loaded with environmental contaminants, are washed into the storm water system, contrary to regulations that require waste water disposal in a sanitary sewer.

RoofTec eliminates risk

  • Get controlled cleaning with consistent pressure that will not damage roof membranes.
  • Cleaning solutions from RoofTec include Ecologo-certified formulations for LEED-certified buildings.
  • The RoofTec Systems process captures waste water and contaminants, then discharges it to a sanitary sewer system in accordance with state, local and federal laws.

RoofTec reduces use of natural resources

  • Pressure/power washing methods require high volumes of water to clean – typically at least 5 gallons of water per minute.
  • Our exclusive system uses 3.5 gallons per minute and reduces cleaning times by up to 50%, cutting overall water usage up to 70%.

When you need roofing maintenance, choose a RoofTec Systems contractor.

RoofTec Cleans…

  • Single-ply roofs
  • Coated systems
  • Granulated modified bitumen systems

RoofTec at Work

A 2000 sq. ft. TPO roof with more than a decade’s worth of dirt:

  • Cleaned in 30 minutes
  • Reduced labor costs by 60-70%
  • 100% of the water was captured
  • No detergent was used

An aging 39,040 sq. ft. PVC membrane:

  • Cleaned in less than nine hours, including set up time
  • Used 65% less water than traditional methods
  • 100% water was captured
  • Reduced labor cost by 75%

11,000 sq. ft. of PVC membrane:

  • Cleaned to “like new” condition
  • Reduced labor by 70%

For sustainable, eco-responsible roof cleaning