Why RoofTec for Contractors?

Propel your business forward with RoofTec Systems

    Roof cleaning is changing:

  • Waste water discharge regulations
  • Roof systems warranty considerations
  • Escalating costs for labor and employee benefits.

Want to survive – and grow? You need RoofTec Systems.

The RoofTec Systems™ complete cleaning process is warranty compliant plus it reduces labor costs and consumption of natural resources, all while meeting established and enforced regulations for waste water discharge.

What’s wrong with current roof cleaning methods?

  • Labor intensive – high labor cost and reduced profit for the contractor
  • Excessive use of water – typically 5 gallons per minute.
  • Requires the use of high pH solvent-based cleaners and degreasers, which should not be discharged to storm drains.
  • Uneven cleaning results in tiger striping
  • High pH degreasers risk damaging the roofing system and causing secondary damage – may even violate roofing warranties.
  • Soil, fungi, algae and environmental contaminants discharge into the storm drain that feeds into ponds, streams and waterways.
  • Pressure/power washing without containment and recovery is a violation of THE EPA CLEAN WATER ACT (CWA). Under section 309 of CWA the EPA can issue administrative orders against violators, and seek civil penalties when necessary. First offense can result in a minimum fine of $2500, with a maximum of $25,000 per day, Second time offenders are subject to a $50,000 per day fine. Can your business afford this level of risk?

What makes our system different?

  • Cleans AND captures to comply with the EPA Clean Water Act
  • Produces better, more consistent cleaning results
  • Safe and effective cleaning solutions for virtually every roof and soil type, including Ecologo-certified products for use on LEED certified buildings
  • Roofing surface is left dry and residue free – ideal for roof coatings contractors
  • Reduces labor costs by more than 50%
  • Uses 70% less water – protects our natural resources
  • Safeguards manufacturer warranties

The Rooftec Systems cleaning and restoration process was developed by the pre-eminent manufacturer of environmentally responsible and compliant professional cleaning equipment and solutions. Development was done in partnership with the worldwide leader in roof cleaning and coating systems.

Field tested and proven, this system is revolutionizing the roof cleaning industry for the contractors using it – giving them a significant advantage over competitors.

For complete roof restoration, use Tremco Coatings:

RoofTec Cleans…

  • Single-ply roofs
  • Coated systems
  • Granulated modified bitumen systems

RoofTec at Work

A 2000 sq. ft. TPO roof with more than a decade’s worth of dirt:

  • Cleaned in 30 minutes
  • Reduced labor costs by 60-70%
  • 100% of the water was captured
  • No detergent was used

An aging 39,040 sq. ft. PVC membrane:

  • Cleaned in less than nine hours, including set up time
  • Used 65% less water than traditional methods
  • 100% water was captured
  • Reduced labor cost by 75%

11,000 sq. ft. of PVC membrane:

  • Cleaned to “like new” condition
  • Reduced labor by 70%

1. Clean with RoofTec Systems™ process

2. Restore or repair

3. Next job site

Superior smooth roof cleaning on time, on budget