Why RoofTec now?

True Roof Restoration

Our exclusive RoofTec Systems fully integrate roof cleaning with surface preparation – and address the growing need to comply with wastewater discharge regulations.

Using this roof cleaning and restoration system from Rooftec prepares roofs for coating systems from Tremco, the most trusted name in roofing.

Our process combines the expertise of Tremco, the world’s #1 roofing innovator with that of Legend Brands, the global leader in building restoration and high-production cleaning systems.


  • Uses 60%–70% less water than alternative cleaning methods
  • Eliminates water run-off by capturing virtually 100% of the water that is used
  • Discharges captured water to sanitary system
  • Uses detergent-free cleaning solutions that have earned the UL ECOLOGO

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RoofTec Systems Brochure

Saves time, reduces costs, protects roof investments